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       Effective management of civil engineering infrastructure is essential for several reasons including the need to retain the value of the initial investment. Currently, engineers around the world are creating innovative solutions for problems associated with infrastructure planning, design, operations, monitoring/inspection, and maintenance. There exists a need for future stewards of the infrastructure to remain updated continually on ongoing issues and research at various institutions.

        The Annual Inter-University Symposium on Infrastructure Management (AISIM) was created to meet this need. The inaugural AISIM event was held on August 6, 2005 at the University of Waterloo. AISIM is a full-day symposium featuring information exchange and networking opportunities primarily for graduate students, but often includes researchers and practitioners including infrastructure agencies, consultants, development banks, and other stakeholders.

       In the years since its inception, AISIM has carved out a critical role in graduate education pertaining to infrastructure management. Graduate students from world-renowned institutions, who represent the next generation of leaders in infrastructure management, attend AISIM each year to exchange research ideas and information. Thus, AISIM has served as an avenue for the students to network with their peers (nationally and internationally) and has provided an opportunity for students to interact with global leaders in infrastructure.

       This year, the 13th AISIM will be held at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, on Friday, June 23, 2017. Topics may come from any area in Infrastructure Management as listed on the right side of this page. Graduate students, faculty, practitioners in any area of infrastructure management are encouraged to participate. With the exception of the keynote speaker, all presenters will be students. Nevertheless, all faculty members and practitioners in infrastructure management are encouraged to attend AISIM, and to contribute through questions, comments and discussions, or through participation in panels that will evaluate the presentations for the best paper awards.



       The theme for this year's symposium:

"State of Infrastructure Management: Challenges, Sustainability & Innovation" underscores the current conditions of our aging infrastructure with respect to what is being done to ensure efficient use of resources in development, operation, maintenance and management.

       Graduate students are encouraged to attend as this serves as a great networking opportunity for future collaborative work. Student's research papers may address any one of the following areas: 


  • Best Practices in Asset Management

  • Infrastructure Investment

  • Transportation Design & Evaluation (All Modes)

  • Rehabilitation and Construction Techniques

  • Prioritization Case Studies

  • Climate Change Impact on Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure & Energy

  • Infrastructure Safety

  • Big Data Analytics in Infrastructure Management

  • Infrastructure Resilience and Sustainability

  • Smart Cities

  • Preparing Our Infrastructure for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Other topics related to civil infrastructure development at any phase

AISIM13 Keynote Speaker

Kumares C. Sinha

Olson Distinguished Professor, Purdue University

Member of the National Academy of Engineering

Bio | Keynote Lecture Presentation


AISIM13 Keynote Speech

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